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Blown Fuse Earrings

Let me show you my favorite pair of earrings.

blown fuse earrings hanging over rim of a cup

For a geek with style, these earrings truly are a must-have.

I have a lamp construction under my bunk bed that is attached to a dimmer switch. dimmer switch Last year it stopped working correctly and my Mom and I burned through four fuses trying to fix it before we gave up on it. (I now have a torch lamp under my bed.)

Now as a crafter especially fond of electronic stuff, I found myself unable to simply throw out the blown fuses. They had to be good for something and it didn’t take long before the idea popped into my head. I asked my good friend P to solder them, since I have neither the equipment nor the experience to do it myself. He happily did the job (thanks P!) and out came two pairs of blown fuse earrings. My very first pair of earrings. If you have a pair of earring hooks on hand (or don’t mind sacrificing a pair you never wear), you could do this whole project for free.

blown fuse earrings

Next time I blow a fuse, I’ll get a matching necklace.

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