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Wrapped teardrop pendant

wrapped teardrop pendant

It’s been quiet over here, so I figured instead of trying to come up with tutorials and utterly failing, I’d just showcase some of the stuff I’ve been up to. I’ll try to give some pointers along the way as to how I did it. This is a pendant I made for a very dear friend of mine. She got it as a birthday present. I originally planned to make matching earrings as a christmas present, but sadly, she has since lost the necklace while on a holiday trip. At least I still have some pictures I can show you.
wrapped teardrop necklace

It was the first time I made a leather chain to go with it. The black leather makes a nice contrast to the bright silver and is comfortable to wear. I’m rather pleased at how it all turned out. I started with a teardrop shape (shaped over a glue stick, if I remember correctly), then added in the triangle with the bead, and wrapped it all with thin wire. The wrapping helps cover some spots, but you really have to pay attention to the top of the pendant. It’s not as forgiving as it looks. Start the wrapping at the top, making sure the end is secured and then go as far down as you want to. I kept the wire on the spool as I wrapped and only cut it once I got to the desired length. To finish, simply tuck the end in under the wrapping.

Some day, I will learn to take better photographs. Or get a better camera. That’ll help, right?


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